PV-85 “Namma Plan” From BSNL Karnataka 2G3G users - Promotional Offier 17-08-2016 to 14-11-2016.

Plan voucher PV-85 “Namma Plan” as a promotional offer  is avaialbe for BSNL Karnataka Mobile service user for  90 days from 17-08-2016 to 14-11-2016.

Plan Details
Plan Voucher Name : “Namma Plan” PV 85
MRP of Plan Voucher:  Rs.85
Free Usage Allowed with Plan Voucher(to be used within 30 days):
Free Voice Call On-net/Off-net : 30 Min
Free Data :50MB
Plan Validity in days: 180 Days

Plan can also be activated by Sending "PLAN NAMMA" to 123

Voice Call Charges:
(a) Special Tariff: Promotional benefit for first 90 Days
Pulse rate ( in Seconds) - 1 Sec
Local/STD Mobile/Fixed On-net :0.8 Paise/Sec
Local/STD Mobile/Fixed Offnet :0.8 Paise/Sec
(a) BaseTariff:  91 Days to 180 Days
Pulse rate ( in Seconds) - 60Sec
Local/STD Mobile/Fixed On-net :48 Paise/min
Local/STD Mobile/Fixed Offnet :48 Paise/min

SMS Local/National On-net/Off-net: 25 p/SMS
International :Rs 5/SMS

National Roaming Voice Call (Pulse Rate 60 Sec)
Local On-net/Off-net : Rs 80Paise /Min
STD On-net/Off-net : Rs 80Paise /Min
Incoming Call :Free (Up to: 14 June 2017)

National Roaming SMS Charges:
Local SMS (Roaming ): 25 Paise /SMS
National SMS (Roaming): 25 Paise /SMS

Volume based  Data usage (Home/Roaming) charges
 3Paise/10KB and 25Paisa/MB(for BSNL AP)
Activation and Subsciption Charges :Nil

Other Benefits 
  • Always Full Usage Value on Top Up of Rs.500 to 1100,1500,2000,2200,2500 and 3000.
  • All STVs are allowed.


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