BSNL GSM FWP NOW @ Rs 1000 With Free Talk value Of Rs 1500/-

 With Free Talk value Of Rs 1500/-

Karnataka Circle has Re-Launched the promotional offer for the Sale of GSM FWP for a period of 90 days w.e.f. 10-06-2013. The Promotional Offer will be available up to 07-09-2013.

Sale Price of GSM FWPRs.1000/- [ inclusive of all taxes].
SIM Card and activation.Rs.20/- [ Inclusive of all taxes]
Initial Validity7 days.
Plan VoucherCustomer has to purchase the Plan Voucher within 7 days. The customer can choose Per second Plan Voucher-42 or Per Minute Plan Voucher-37 as per his/her requirement.
Free Talk Value.1. Rs.125/- per month [Local/ STD on Net] for12 months
2. The free talk value of Rs.125/- per month allowed for a month is to be utilized in the month for which it is allowed & no carry forward will be allowed.

1. Any 2G unpaired SIM can be used for this purpose.
2. All the existing STVs applicable for 2G Service is applicable to this scheme.

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