PORTOUT IDEA-40,37,056, VODAFONE-57,05,272, AIRTEL-61,93,653 AND BSNL PORTOUT IS JUST 16,18,598

It all depends on How you analyse and how it is presented, Just look at this report (above Snap) If some one says IDEA, VODAFONE, AIRTEL are the leaders, yaa thats true if we look at NET GAIN column.

But why  from AIRTEL 61,93,653 VODAFONE-57,05,772 IDEA-40,37,056 subcribers ported out (this is only successful portout cases, many more were given special tariff offers when requested for port out, some cases are simply rejected -Many of these operaotrs received notice from TRAI wrt MNP PO reg.-see report)  and their Port In figures are also very good  thanks to their AD compaigns! and special offers (see report) otherwise....

Now let us see BSNL PERFOMANCE  without any big add compaingns...Port Out-16,18,598 .......  Port IN-11,96,315 that too without any special offers .


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