10paisa/Min for Local/STD on-net & 30paisa/Min for Local/STD off-net calls for first 60 days BSNL PV 107 -Per Minute Plan

New PerMinute plan has been promoted in Karnataka Circle for New and MNP customers. Call charges are very low for first 60 days of 180 days validity plan.
Plan Details:
Plan Voucher Name: Per Minute Plan
MRP of Plan Voucher in Rs. 37(Rs107 for new customers)
Extension of Plan Validity : Through plan voucher
Migration to Other Plan: Through plan voucher
Special Benefit 1: Talk value of Rs.100/- for new connections PV-107.
Special Benefit 2: Rs. 0.10/Min for Local/STD on-net & Rs.0.30/Min for Local/STD off-net calls only for first 60 days
Special Benefit 3: Always Full talk Value on top of Rs.500 to Rs.1100 , Rs.1500,Rs.2000, Rs.2200,Rs.2500 and Rs.3000
Bonus Period-I: 15 days
Bonus Period-II: 165 Days
Voice Call Charges
Pulse rate (Seconds): 60 Sec
Local Any-net : Rs 1.00/min
STD Any-net :Rs 1.30/min
ISD Call : As per Landline ISD tariff
Video Call Charges
Pulse rate (Seconds): 60 Sec
Local/STD Any-net:Rs 2.00/Min
Local Any-net:Rs.0.80/SMS
National Any –net:Rs 1.20/SMS
International:Rs 5.00/SMS
Missed Call Alert: Nil
National Roaming ( Charges in Roaming in other Network)
Voice Call while Roaming
Pulse rate (Seconds) while National Roaming: 60 Sec
Local Any-net while National Roaming: Rs 0.80/Min
STD Any-net while National Roaming:Rs 1.15/Min
Incoming Call while National Roaming: Free ( Up to 13 June 2016, after that 45 p/Min )
SMS charges while Roaming
Local Any-net: Rs 0.25/SMS
National Any –net :Rs.0.38/SMS
International : Rs 5.00/Min
Non- P2P SMS (From Home LSA/While Roaming )
Video Call Charges While Roaming
Pulse rate (Seconds): 60 Sec
Local/STD Any-net:Rs 2.00/Min

Incoming Call: Rs 1.00/Min


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