New Mobile Connection data Service Activation and Deactivation Of Data Service - SMS Procedure - 1925

      Now a mboile subscriber can activate/Deactivate Data service ti their Mobile connection by sending START/STOP keywords to a short code 1925. Now onwards if your buying a New Mobile connection you need to send these sort codes for activation of data service. 
Reasons for this move may be to avoid
1. Unwanted deduction of amount in the name of data service.
2. Simplify the Data Service deactivation process.(Common Method for all TSPs)
Highlights of Trai Guidelines.
        > As per TARI Guidelines TCPR(8th Amendment) a new facility of Activation / Deactivation of    Mobile Internet Services isthrough Short Code.
         > The new pre-paid connections are now created without “data facility”.
         Both Pre-paid  and Post-paid customer can now utilize 1925 for data service  Activation/      
            Deactivation purpose
For Activation SMS Keyword “START”  to 1925 .
For  Deactivation SMS Keyword “STOP”  to 1925.


what is tariff for data usage when activated thro' SMS.


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